Monday, December 15, 2014

OhJoyous We Sing

Morning everyone.  I can't believe I've been so busy the last few weeks to sit down and write a post.  We have had chicken pox run through our house.  I started with my son, and once he was back to school my daughter and hubbie came down with it.  What a relief today, daughter is off to school after a little makeup to cover up the few spots still remaining on her face. 

This week comes the big push to get finished for Christmas.  Finish up shopping, baking cookies, and preparing for the big dinner. 

I've been enjoying making one layer cards lately. Working with distress inks and watercolors.  On this card I masked the moon and the snowbanks, coloring the snow.  Then stamp the trees on.  The carolers are a cut out. They remind of my gramma.  As a child at Christmas she would take me and my cousins out caroling to a few of the close niebors.  Then back to her house for hot chocolate and cookies. 

Now off to enjoy some quiet time. 

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Friday, November 28, 2014


Good morning everyone. Chilly morning here with the temperature dropping to -11.  I hope all my American friends and bloggers had their fill of turkey yesterday.  Happy Thanksgiving.  And happy shopping today, if you are out getting the Black Friday Sales. 
Today is a finish up and pack up day for me.  Tomorrow is the craft sale I've been working so hard to get ready for.  I think I'm loosing my helper though.  She informed me yesterday that there is an "Event" happening in Star Wars this weekend and she has to play.  She can't even spare a few hours to help her poor mother.  I'm going to keep on her though.  She'll be there. 
The stamp I used on this card is one I picked up when the Craft Nook closed down this year.  I love the look of this Santa and finally had to ink him up.  I choose to do a monochromatic card. 
My Favorite Things - #204 a sketch 
Here is the sketch.  MFT_WSC_204
happy crafting
dee ;o)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

With Deepest Sympathy

Good evening friends.  Wow what a week I've had.  Last week was crazy.  The kids had three snow days and a PA Day. Monday was the only day they went to school.  Thursday my son woke up with a couple blisters on his body.  A trip to the doctor, with him saying he didn't know what it was.  "Call me tomorrow" he says.  My diagnosis of chicken pox was confirmed Friday morning, when he awoke with many more spots.  Poor guy is covered from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. 
This page in my art journal shows two picks I was practicing on.  The top one I borrowed liquid mask that hubbie uses for modeling.  As you can see there is no snow flakes showing.  I couldn't get it to rub off after inking.  After a trip to the arts store, for the purchase of my own liquid mask, the second picture turned out better.  I just have to control the splatter, it looks like snowballs.
Here is the card I created. With everything else happening last week, we also had a funeral to attend on Friday.  A family member passed from cancer.  The service was so lovely, with all three of his sons getting up to talk.  He was such a kind, caring man.  He will be missed by many. 
My marathon of Christmas card making is almost over.  This Saturday is the Craft Sale I've been working so hard for. 
happy crafting
dee ;o) 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

golden & silver trees

Good evening everyone.  Winter has landed here in my part of the world.  The kids had their second snow day today, with a chance of a third tomorrow.  They are calling for more snow squalls.  
My card today was in Cardmaker Magazine.  This is one I cardlifted trying to find my mojo.  All the trees are embossed with gold and silver embossing powder.  The sentiment was stamped on vellum, and a brad used to make the berries. 
happy shoveling
dee ;o) 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Holly & Berries

Good evening everyone.  What a great day I've had.  It felt like a holiday.  I spent the day making a turkey dinner.  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf and buns baked this morning. And this afternoon the aroma of turkey cooking.  At Thanksgiving the turkeys went on sale for .79cents/lb. They were cheaper than a whole chicken, so I loaded up on. Dinner was soooo good I'm still stuffed. 
It's so nice when a card comes together the way you invision it in your head.  This card I started by inking up my embossing folder. The red wasn't very bright so I added red stickles for the berries.  Added the red and green layers, and the sentiment. 
happy crafting
dee ;o)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mojo is Back

Morning peeps.  I won't lie, it's been a lazy morning.  We woke up to snow. A little depressing, I'm not a winter person.  There is no chance of it going away now.  Winter has landed, and I just have to make the best of it.  So I thought I'd sit at the dining room table, watch the snow fall outside my window and check out some card inspiration on your blogs.  Well, I came across a Blog Hop for Repeat Impressions and Die-Verions.  So much talent. It was a great hop ladies. Thanks.
I've been sitting on these beauties for a while. Now that I've located my camera I can share. I've worked on a few card lifts to get the mojo working again. As usual I didn't make a note where I found this style of card.  But when I saw them I thought, "how simple and easy".  And I was right.  It was fun making these and so easy.  And with them being flat with no dimensions between the layers, it makes them perfect for mailing.
happy shoveling
dee ;o(

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

snowman snowglobe

Good evening everyone.  Today was a very productive day.  After finding a larger table to work on downstairs, I then moved all my supplies back down.  Today was fix up day.  Finishing off cards that were half done. 

My card this evening was fun for me to make.  It started when I was stamping some images to color.  When I sat down to color I envisioned this one in black and white.  So I set with my grey and black watercolor pencil.  When I went through my stash of paper I was unable to find black and white paper.  So I made my own.  Love the way the background turned out, looking like a snowstorm.  I even made my own black and white bakers twine. 

Little Red Wagon - #263 - 50 shades of ?
Freshly Made Sketches - #162

Here is the sketch.

happy crafting

dee ;o)  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


After taking a short break this morning to pop into the school to watch the Remembrance Day service, it's back to work.  I have till the end of the month to get product ready for a Craft Sale.  And my work area is not moving alone very fast.  It's going to be a winter project.  So for now everything is carried upstairs to the dining room table.  This is what it looks like today. I'm working on several projects at once.  Even the sink is full. I had two boxes of glass ornaments hanging around that were stuffed with tinsel.  I pulled the tinsel out and washed them out.  Now they are drying in the drain rack.  Several ideas for them, I was researching ideas yesterday.  Although it requires a road trip to a Michaels store to get supplies.  Which is a half hour away.  It's a little frustrating trying to buy craft supplies now the craft store has closed.  The only place in town is the Walmart and their craft section isn't the best.  I couldn't even get floor wax there.  But hubbie surprised me, and he had some that he uses for modeling.  Apparently it hardens acrylic paint when mixed together.

It's time to get back at it.  When I track down the camera I will post a couple of cards I have finished. 

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Art Journal - Fall

Evening everyone. With the  cool weather upon us, I was inspired to do a fall journal page.  Our fall has been as good as our summer was.  Cool and wet.  Here's hoping winter isn't bad. 
My background is one of my favorites to do.  Using distress inks and blending them on the page.  My leaves were stamped on decorative paper and cut out.  I stamped one tree directly onto the page and placed a pile of leaves under it, scattering the remainder over the page. 
 stay strong  - it seems that cancer and disease has hit my family hard lately.  trying to keep thoughts positive and cherish everyday. 
dee ;o(

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Good evening everyone, and a happy Thanksgiving to you all.  What a great meal.  I still feel so stuffed. Today was a great day.  The whole family was home.  Who could ask for anything more.  With the cold weather sneaking up on us we have spent the weekend getting the yard put away for winter.  My daughter discovered the power washer, making her job of washing out all the flower pots much more enjoyable. 
Not much card making has been going on. That will change soon.  We have started construction on my area.  Insulation is up, and drywall is starting to go up.  The basement is getting cold, and the stove can't be turned on until my stuff is moved from in front of it.

As you can see I have not been idle.  A friend of ours just had a baby girl, and I had to make some little treasures for her.  I am a knitter, not a crocheter, so this took me a little longer to do. There was a lot of ripping out till I got it right. I think the little mermaid tail is my favorite.

happy crafting

dee ;o) 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Butterfly, Butterfly, Fly Away

Afternoon all.  Here we are the week before the kiddies go back to school.  I can't believe the summer is almost over.  We have had so much rain, it's been a disappointing summer.  Now the rush is on this week to get haircuts and back to school shopping done.  Yesterday my son and I went to town to get all his school supplies and new pants.  Since he  has taken a big growth spirt this summer his pants were up past his ankles. 
The three butterflies on my card today match the three we released this morning.  We have one more of our Monarchs to hatch and then we are finished for the season.  I have had this stamp for some time now. (you know the ones you like in the store, then get them home and don't know what to do with them)  It works perfect for this.  I'm very happy how it turned out. 
till next time
dee ;o)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Me & My Little Unitmat

 Wow, two weeks has gone by so quickly.  Back to work today.  Getting up at 5:30 this morning was agony, after no alarms for the past couple weeks.  A few days ago when we had a down day from house reno's I was able to pull out my little unimat saw.  I have had it for several years and barely used it.  It is so small and easy to use compared to a full size scroll saw.  Even had to change the blade, soo easy to do. 
I even managed to take the saw apart and assemble it into a sander.  And then back again.   
Here are all the wood pieces I cut.  Next step is to paint each one. Looking forward to it, as it's been some time since I've sat down and really painted.  Two of these are new shapes that I haven't done before.  So I think they will be done first. 
happy painting
dee ;o)  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Miss U

Good evening everyone.  We had another down day today, rained all day.  I dragged my unimat saw out and had a day of woodworking.  But that is for tomorrows post.  Last night I put together a card with one of the images I cut with the Silhouette yesterday. 
 I used Distressed Ink on an acrylic stamp block and spritzed with water then smooshed onto watercolor paper.  The edges were distressed and the image glued on, the flowers being put on with pop dots.  This card already has a home.  I made it special for my aunt.  She is my go to mamma whenever I need something.  And at the end of the month she is moving 2 hours away.  Boy will I miss her. 
I even managed to squeeze in a challenge.  Mojo Monday 358.

happy crafting
dee ;o)


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Evening everyone.  I was so shocked when I heard the news last night about Robin Williams.  So sad.  I remember as a kid watching Mork and Mindy.  Since then he has done some amazing work.  RIP Robin.
We have had a rain day today.  Rain most of the night, and cloudy threatening for rain all, put our  plans of when they require outside.  When I noticed hubbie in his workroom tinkering on an RC car I jumped at the opportunity to dig through my totes and find my Silhouette.  I cut out three balloons and "Celebrate" for my next art journal page. 
For this one I started with covering the background with panpastels.  I then stamped randomly with a script stamp and versamark, and went over that with the panpastel again.  The hearts in the corner are a stencil and gesso.  (a new technique for me) The balloons and Celebrate are cut on my Silhouette (which I would like to learn how to use better).  Twine was glued on for the strings, and the 19 I colored with a marker and didn't think it popped enough so I added golden yellow glitter. 
Off to make some cards.  I did a bit of extra cutting before I had to pack my machine away again.
till next time
dee ;o)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

First Attempt at Art Journaling

Good afternoon all.  Actually this is my second attempt but I won't scare you with the first.  It didn't turn out so well. 
Here I am, once again enjoying some quiet time on the deck with my laptop.  One week down on my holidays and only six days remaining.  The first week has been productive.  Some house construction, (my work area) and relaxing well balanced.  This year we're not killing ourselves to get lots done.  The stud walls are complete and the wiring is done.  Next step is insulation and drywall. 
Back to my piece.  I see all the wonderful work being done on art journal pages and just love the look of it.  So I went out and purchases a book, and thought I could use it to try out new techniques that I'm seeing.  This one started out as a napkin.  I used a gel medium to stick it to the page.  (Must work on not letting the medium show from under the napkin.  Although it look cool as a boarder.) I then dulled down the color by painting cover it with Gesso.  A little doodle around it to give it a bit of a frame.  I then stamped butterflies up the one side. Although they didn't show up too good, and the caterpillars along the bottom.  The caterpillars represent all the monarch's we have been collecting this month.  So far we have released four butterflies.  The milk weeds are dwindling around our area. We collect the caterpillars from around yard and down the side of the road.  We keep them fed, and then release them once they have done their change. 

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Gingerbread 4 Two

Good morning all.  What a beautiful sunny day we are having.  Although the wind is cool, it  almost feels like fall out there. I had to put a sweater on this morning to have my tea out on the deck.  Day off, and I enjoyed reading on the deck with my tea this morning.
I have something different to show you this morning.  Before cardmaking I was big into folk art painting.  Mainly Christmas ornaments.  When I had the kids I got away from it, and discovered cardmaking.  Well, I had painted so many up for sales my supply is just running out now.  So I've decided to try and squeeze some painting time in, since it requires a little less supplies to be pulled out while my area is in such an upheaval.  It will also allow me to play with the little saw my hubbie gave me several years ago.  
These little cuties are cut out of wood and painted.  I use to do all my writing and line work with a brush, but this time cut corners and used a marker.  So much quicker. I still have to find more brown buttons to finish the last three and they still need wire to hang them by. 
Off to drop my son and his friend at the skatepark with their bikes. 
keep smiling
dee ;o)  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Cake

Good afternoon everyone.  Another beautiful day out.  It's nice in the sunshine, but in the shade when the breeze blows it's got a bit of a chill to it.  Here I sit on the patio, sipping a Caesar and BBQing dinner.  I had a relaxing day off reading, since I just finished working six days in a row.  Tomorrow will be laundry and housework. 
The stamp I used on this card was one of my last purchases at the local craft store before they closed up.  (So sad to see them go.) I paper pieced the cake in two colors. Stamping the stamp directly on the white cardstock so I could just color the candles, which I used a metallic Sharpie on, and the flames.  The sprinkles on the cake are stickles.  I followed the sketch from Freshly Made Sketches, but was too late to enter it last week. 
happy crafting
dee ;o)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

  OMG!!! I can't believe how the time is just flying by.  Two months since I was last on.  The kids have been out of school for almost a month now.  The oldest has her first job.  Working at the golf course just up the road.  She is really enjoying it.  Today she went with the owner to walk the dog.  Not your typical walk, it was a ride in a golf cart, waving a rag to get the dog to follow.  It's reward was a swim in the pond.  The other one is board.  Playing with his lego a lot and video games, with the odd chore thrown in.

Right now I thought I'd enjoy writing outside since it is very hot in the house.  Although I'm a little nervous, there seems to be a lot of noise coming from the bush.  Can't believe how much noise the birds and squirrels make.  I even saw a little mouse running along the wall.  Just as long as it's not the bear coming around again.  A couple weeks ago the bear stole the whole garbage can from the back door.  He really dragged it a distance, because we've been all over the bush and can't see any signs of it.  Which is too bad because it had the good raccoon strap on it and a bungy cord.  Last week we found the composter tore apart.   

With my supplies packed up and moved all over the basement, I was able to find enough to make two cards last week.  On the weekend I had to go to a birthday party for family members, one was 65 and the other 80.  This is one of the cards.  This stamp reminds me of our little geckos.  Although they are not purple. 

These will be my last cards till my new area is done.  I thought it was a mess before.  I came home from work yesterday to find what was left in my corner moved to the opposite side of the room in front of what was already there.  So the tote with all my paper is definitely unaccesible now.  I do have a couple of crochet projects I will share when they are completed.  I don't crochet much (more of a knitter) so it is slow going.  I can't figure out the instructions for a corner so had to put it away for awhile.  Usually I can figure it out when I go back to it.  Lets hope so because it's the last round.

having a heat wave here for a couple days, so stay cool

dee ;o)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Blackflies are Here

Well nice weather is finally here.  The snow is gone, the rain has stopped, and the sun is shining.  But along with the beautiful weather comes those nasty little black flies.  The other day on my day off I finally made it to my garden to clear the dead leaves and pine needles out of it.  Pretty bad ehh? All my spring flowers have pushed their way through the mess, so I had to be careful.  I think old leaves is the favorite spot for black flies to hide, because I was in a cloud of the little black guys the whole time.  I should have taken hubbies fashion advice when working outside, pull your socks up over your pants.  I had track pants on and ankle socks.  My ankles are a red mess of bites.  So bad they are swollen.  But the job got done. 
If you remember me metioning my little mother daughter shopping trip.  When I purchased a couple of panpastels to try out.  Here is one of the cards I created.  What a soft looking background it creates.  I placed a mask down in the centre of the card, then brushed on the green color.  I then stamped with a letter stamp in versa mark, and used the same green to dust over.  Removing the mask, I stamped three images of a tulip (I think this is my favorite flower stamp).  I then colored in the flower with pink panpastel, and the leaves with green.
Todays fun is completing an art journal page.  I've seen several posts for art journaling and thought it would be a great way to try out new techniques before doing them on a card.  So I've started my first page.  Although right now it under a stack of book to try and flatten it, since it curled on me.  The disadvantage of living in a small town is not always being able to get your hands on supplies when you decide to do something.  So you make the best of what you have.
happy crafting
dee ;o)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Saying Good-bye

This is a sad post today.  The last over the week end I have lost three dear women.  So it's a good thing when I had the chance last week to make cards that I focused on sympathy.  Isn't it funny how things work out.  The first one was Dorthy an elderly lady.  I have not seen her since my childhood, but my mom has kept in contact with her.  She was the owner of one of the housed we rented when I was a child.  I remember going with my mom to their house to pay the rent.  It was usually a lengthy visit.  In the summer was great because they lived on the river, so I was able to go swimming.  Next was Tanya.  A dear sweet lady that I had the pleasure to work with at Metro.  Her time there was cut short because of a stroke.  It was always nice to visit with her and catch up when she came in shopping.  And the last was a family member, a cousin.  Lorna has battled with lymphatic cancer, melanoma and rheumatoid arthritis for the past 8 yrs.  What a courageous women she has been.  They will all be fondly missed.  But we still have all the great memories to remember them by.

On another sad note.  On Tuesday when the newsletter from the local craft store arrived in my in-box.  I was shocked to find out the they were closing.  This so sad for a small town.  It is run by a mother daughter team.  With the mother deciding it's time to finally retire, the daughter has decided to move onto something different.  Not wanting to stay and run the store on her own. 

That's it for me today.  One more day of work, then I get to rest for a couple.  Maybe I can manage a couple more cards.

keep smiling

dee ;o)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Play Time

Well, I'm still waiting for construction to start.  The snow is all gone finally, and we are able to set the saw up outside.  Now it's just finding the time to get it done.  In the meantime I have carried supplies up to the dining room table.  On the weekend Sam and I had a mother daughter shopping trip for mothers day.  A whole day of just her and me going the stores we wanted, and not having the hurry.  What a great day we had.  I picked up a couple colors of panpastels, and have been itching to try them out.  So that is the plan for today. 

Later this afternoon it's off to the greenhouse for our flowers.  What a great day despite the grey outside.

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Star Wars Day!!! #maythefourthbewithyou

Friday, April 18, 2014

Star Wars Marathon

Happy Good Friday to everyone.  Hope you are enjoying your day. Here at our house we're having a Star Wars Marathon.  With the little guy and I into our second movie.  Daughter and hubbie are downstairs playing Star Wars on the computers.

We awoke to rain this morning.  It's been a nice gentle rain all day.  I can actually see the snow going down in the yard.  And it's about time.  This winter has gone on way too long.  I'm ready for green grass and flowers. 

Hope the Easter bunny is kind to everyone.  Don't eat too much chocolate.  I'm looking forward the family time.

keep hopping

dee ;o)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Good morning everyone.  As I've told you before I'm not a very handy person with a computer.  When I can't get it to do what I want I generally just give up.  Now it's not like we don't have enough devices in our family.  With two PC's, two laptops, a tablet, three I-pods, you would think I could get a post up on a more regular basis.  But no, apparently not.  All my pictures are excessable on the PC, but I can't manage to get blogger to upload them.  So today I managed to capture the pictures onto the tablet from facebook where I posted it, and edit the post on a laptop.  Fingers crossed it will work. 
This month I have been doing fairly well taking my photoaday nearly every day.  
Since I'm behind a day, yesterdays prompt was "I'm reading this".  This is the second book of a trilogy about werewolves.  You can find it in the young adult section.  When my daughter started reading teen books, I started reading them too.  So as I knew what kind of books she into.  It also gave us something to share.  I do the same with my son.  Right now we are reading together the I Am Canada series.  He is quite interested in the war stories.  Please join in. You can find all the info over on fatmumslim.
Till next time
dee ;o) 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Missing in Action

Wow, it's been a while since I've last posted.  I've been so busy.  The new job at Walmart is going great.  They approached me about working in the cash office since I have had experience.  The bad part it's relief on the weekends, and your up before the birds.  The past couple of weeks I have been training five days a week.  Having to be in for 5:45.  That is really hard for me.  Way too early to be heading off to work.  One more week, and then more training.  The days I'm not in the office I will be on customer service.

Well onto fun stuff.  Reno's are at a standstill for a bit.  But just until the warm weather comes to melt all the feet of snow we received this winter.  We can't do anymore cutting in the house, because we need the bigger saw and it makes too much mess.  So until we can set it up outside, we're done.  Which is too bad because we're so close to my work area.

  This month I was trying to take a photo everyday to play along with #fmsphotoaday.  It hasn't worked out too well, since I've only done four.  April's prompts have been posted so maybe I can manage a few more. OK, so I've just spent a half hour trying to upload pictures, and it's not working.  So I'm not able to share the few pics I've taken for March.  But here is the link if you would like to play along for April.  Here's hoping I can complete a few more.

Keep up the good work everyone.  Even though I'm not able to craft I still enjoy checking on everyones blog. 

keep smiling

dee ;o)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Family Day

Good evening everyone.  I hope everyone in Canada had a great Family Day.  We spent most of the day lazing around.  The little guy challenged me to a Mario Kart race.  As usual mom doesn't do to well.  But it was fun. 

What a week I had last week.  While out dropping off resumes I ended up with a job.  At Walmart they wouldn't let me leave the store without an interview.  I was hired that day.  Two days later I started training.  I always believe that things happen for a reason.  And that leaving my only job of 19 years was the right thing.  Walmart offered me .20 more than what I would have gotten at Metro.  OK I'm on cash again, but at least I'll be seeing some of the regular customers, as they shop at both stores. 

This round of reno's in the basement are done.  New bathroom put in, new hot water tank, and pressure tank.  The next stage is a storage closet, then on the other side of that wall is my area.  So I think it will be awhile yet before I have total access to my crafting stuff.  Today I organized my digi stamps on the computer.  I have alot more than what I thought. 

Tomorrow is a work day.  Seems strange having to get up and get going in the morning after being home for three months.

happy family day

dee ;o) 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Love is in the Air

Good morning all.  Today is the day.  We will have hot water again.  As I type the drywalling is put on hold, the water is shut off, and the old broken down tank is being removed.  To make room for the brand new tank.  It will be sooooo nice to have a hot shower again. 

Is anyone else able to catch the opening ceramonies of the Olymic Games?  We are not a sports family.  But the kids get very excited during the Olympics.  Sitting down every night to watch.  So exciting.
What an amazing opening.

It's funny how I can go for days without making a card.  But when you can't get at your supplies, you are just itching to make something. I sit down everyday to go through everyone's blog post.  Getting inspiration.  And I can't do anything.  I stood down there last night looking at my area trying to figure out how I could get into it.  But no luck, I might be able to reach my pencil crayons and markers.  Now would be a good time to sit at the computer and fiddle with some digi stamps.  Get more comfie playing with them. 

As promised I will be posting all the valentine cards that I was able to do. 

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Tippie Toes Ballerina

Good evening everyone.   A quick post.  We have a sickness going through the house.  My son started with it last week, and on the weekend my daughter came down with it.  She was off to  school this morning but by lunch I was heading over to pick her up.  Now she's not well enough to do the dishes so mom has to take over.  Me I've been trying to ward it off for a week.  Stuffy nose, scratchy chest, bit of a cough.  It's not going to get me down. 
I have been madly making valentine cards, which I will be sharing with you.  As I am unable to make any new ones for the next few weeks.  Our hot water tank went a week ago.  We decided that since we had to get a plumber in we would make it worthwhile.  And decided to put a bathroom in our basement.  We have talked about it for a while.  So the basement is packed up and stacked in every available space, including my craft area.  But there is a bright spot in all this.  We are that much closer to my new craft space. 

Tonight I will share this cute little ballerina.  She came from All Dressed up Challenge Blog.  Now you can download her free, and use her in their challenge.  Unfortunately, with everything happening around here.  I have missed the challenge I made her for.  But I will try again when I find my supplies again.  Head on over and check them out.   

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cutie Lil Hedgie

Afternoon everyone.  I have finally made it back.  Internet issues again.  We have been stuck in a deep freeze here for the last couple weeks.  And what's unusual is the amount of snow that we are receiving with it.  Lots of snow, wind, which makes it hard to see.  Alot of white out conditions. But I have managed to make quite a few valentine cards. 
You must stop by Scribbles Designs Challenge to help them celebrate hitting 100 followers.  They will give this cute little hedge hog to use in their current challenge.  Digi stamps and me don't get along that well.  Resizing and printing is a big challenge for me.  I usually just get fed up and the image stays in the computer and I'm back to the old ink and stamp.  This time with some help from hubbie to get it downloaded. I managed without becoming too stressed to resize and print out 3 images.  So I have 2 more to use. 
I've been experimenting with coloring lately.  Trying out markers, but no matter how hard I try, I really don't like the outcome.  My fav is watercolor pencils. But I sometimes find like with this one, that you end up with waves from the water if you are using cardstock and not water color paper. 
Scribbles Designs Challenge - Come Celebrate with us 
 Here is the sketch.  Nice and simple.
stay warm
dee ;o)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Friends are Like Chocolate Chips

Afternoon blogland. Well our weather has warmed up today. -9 when I got up with a high of around -2.  Much better. 

Last night I tried my hand at a humorous card, and one-layer.  I like the look of one-layer cards when someone else does them.  Not so much when I try.  But now that I have found One-Layer card blog, maybe I'll get more practice. 

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One-Layer Simplicity - #1 restocking the shelves

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Friday, January 3, 2014


Afternoon everyone.  I hope everyone is keeping warm.  This morning it was -30 here.  So glad I don't have to leave the house.  Today I'm watching Orphan Black Marathon. Momma has taken over the TV.

I have had this image sitting colored and mounted on my desk for a few days.  I just couldn't find a sketch to work with it, so I started going through my paper.  I came across a kit of paper from doodlebug that I've had a few years.  Voila, it all just fell into place. 

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DRS Designs - #103 seeing spots
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Jingle Belles - something old (paper kit) something new (stamp)

keeping warm

dee ;o)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  Hope everyone has enjoyed themselves today.  We had a relatively quiet day.  A little hous construction, blog lurcking, a soak in the hot tub with my son.  After dinner was some zombie time, with a quick game of Last Night on Earth.  One kid in bed and the other two on the  computer gaming I think I'll grab a card magazine and read about some coloring techniques.

All the best in 2014.

dee ;o)