Monday, March 30, 2015

Busy Knitting Wee Things

Morning blog friends. Just when our snow was beginning to dissappear and we thought there was still hope to see spring. We wake up to a layer of snow this morning. Will it ever go away?

There seems to be a baby boom at hubbies office.   I have three sweeters to complete.  This one I'm sharing today was for one of the ladies first grand-daughters.  I have one more to do for her, as her other daughter is expecting any time too.  The third that I'm working on now, is for a co-worker of his.  I better hurray up, or baby will have outgrown it.  The wee thing is almost a month old now.  That is a good project to work on today as I watch the snow falling outside.

Don't know if any of you have played Trivia Crack? Over the weekend my daughter got me playing.  We've had alot of fun with it.  She doesn't like it when I ask hubbie for answers.  You should try it out.

happy knitting

dee ;o)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Hello Weekend

Hello everyone.  The weekend is here.  Although not for me, as I work every weekend.  I've made it through the week back from holidays.  The sun is shining and the snow is going down.  I am so ready for spring.  The card I made this week makes me think of spring.  Pretty daffodils popping up through the snow will be a welcome sight. 

I made a one layer card because this one is going in the mail.  My sister-in-laws birthday is today.  So much for sending out birthday cards this year,  this is the  first family card I have managed to get sent. 

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Awesome March Break

Evening all.  I wanted to share with you all the necklace I purchased over the weekend.  We had a great March Break this year with the kids.  Spending four days in Toronto. We walked so much my feet and hips hurt. Really wishing we didn't shut down the hot tub for the winter, it would feel great right now.

Although we didn't get to the Museum and Aquarium as planned, we did do alot of shopping and two days at the Toronto Comic Con.  Two days of pushing through the crowds, walking around and around.  So many comic books and figures. But everyong managed to find something to buy.

One of the authors that was there, had written a book that my daughter and I had read. Finding out that it was a trilogy, we ended up buying all three and having them autographed.  Hubbie, the big kid he is, came home with another Light Saber and Storm Trooper helmet.  And best of all my necklace.  It shows the phase of the moon on the day we were married. It is two days before the full moon.  The  moon soaks up the light all day and will glow at night.

Must go now and get everyone moving to get ready for bed. It's back to school and work tomorrow.

happy family time
dee ;o)