Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Good morning everyone.  As I've told you before I'm not a very handy person with a computer.  When I can't get it to do what I want I generally just give up.  Now it's not like we don't have enough devices in our family.  With two PC's, two laptops, a tablet, three I-pods, you would think I could get a post up on a more regular basis.  But no, apparently not.  All my pictures are excessable on the PC, but I can't manage to get blogger to upload them.  So today I managed to capture the pictures onto the tablet from facebook where I posted it, and edit the post on a laptop.  Fingers crossed it will work. 
This month I have been doing fairly well taking my photoaday nearly every day.  
Since I'm behind a day, yesterdays prompt was "I'm reading this".  This is the second book of a trilogy about werewolves.  You can find it in the young adult section.  When my daughter started reading teen books, I started reading them too.  So as I knew what kind of books she into.  It also gave us something to share.  I do the same with my son.  Right now we are reading together the I Am Canada series.  He is quite interested in the war stories.  Please join in. You can find all the info over on fatmumslim.
Till next time
dee ;o) 

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