Monday, March 31, 2014

Missing in Action

Wow, it's been a while since I've last posted.  I've been so busy.  The new job at Walmart is going great.  They approached me about working in the cash office since I have had experience.  The bad part it's relief on the weekends, and your up before the birds.  The past couple of weeks I have been training five days a week.  Having to be in for 5:45.  That is really hard for me.  Way too early to be heading off to work.  One more week, and then more training.  The days I'm not in the office I will be on customer service.

Well onto fun stuff.  Reno's are at a standstill for a bit.  But just until the warm weather comes to melt all the feet of snow we received this winter.  We can't do anymore cutting in the house, because we need the bigger saw and it makes too much mess.  So until we can set it up outside, we're done.  Which is too bad because we're so close to my work area.

  This month I was trying to take a photo everyday to play along with #fmsphotoaday.  It hasn't worked out too well, since I've only done four.  April's prompts have been posted so maybe I can manage a few more. OK, so I've just spent a half hour trying to upload pictures, and it's not working.  So I'm not able to share the few pics I've taken for March.  But here is the link if you would like to play along for April.  Here's hoping I can complete a few more.

Keep up the good work everyone.  Even though I'm not able to craft I still enjoy checking on everyones blog. 

keep smiling

dee ;o)

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