Monday, July 28, 2014

Gingerbread 4 Two

Good morning all.  What a beautiful sunny day we are having.  Although the wind is cool, it  almost feels like fall out there. I had to put a sweater on this morning to have my tea out on the deck.  Day off, and I enjoyed reading on the deck with my tea this morning.
I have something different to show you this morning.  Before cardmaking I was big into folk art painting.  Mainly Christmas ornaments.  When I had the kids I got away from it, and discovered cardmaking.  Well, I had painted so many up for sales my supply is just running out now.  So I've decided to try and squeeze some painting time in, since it requires a little less supplies to be pulled out while my area is in such an upheaval.  It will also allow me to play with the little saw my hubbie gave me several years ago.  
These little cuties are cut out of wood and painted.  I use to do all my writing and line work with a brush, but this time cut corners and used a marker.  So much quicker. I still have to find more brown buttons to finish the last three and they still need wire to hang them by. 
Off to drop my son and his friend at the skatepark with their bikes. 
keep smiling
dee ;o)  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Cake

Good afternoon everyone.  Another beautiful day out.  It's nice in the sunshine, but in the shade when the breeze blows it's got a bit of a chill to it.  Here I sit on the patio, sipping a Caesar and BBQing dinner.  I had a relaxing day off reading, since I just finished working six days in a row.  Tomorrow will be laundry and housework. 
The stamp I used on this card was one of my last purchases at the local craft store before they closed up.  (So sad to see them go.) I paper pieced the cake in two colors. Stamping the stamp directly on the white cardstock so I could just color the candles, which I used a metallic Sharpie on, and the flames.  The sprinkles on the cake are stickles.  I followed the sketch from Freshly Made Sketches, but was too late to enter it last week. 
happy crafting
dee ;o)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

  OMG!!! I can't believe how the time is just flying by.  Two months since I was last on.  The kids have been out of school for almost a month now.  The oldest has her first job.  Working at the golf course just up the road.  She is really enjoying it.  Today she went with the owner to walk the dog.  Not your typical walk, it was a ride in a golf cart, waving a rag to get the dog to follow.  It's reward was a swim in the pond.  The other one is board.  Playing with his lego a lot and video games, with the odd chore thrown in.

Right now I thought I'd enjoy writing outside since it is very hot in the house.  Although I'm a little nervous, there seems to be a lot of noise coming from the bush.  Can't believe how much noise the birds and squirrels make.  I even saw a little mouse running along the wall.  Just as long as it's not the bear coming around again.  A couple weeks ago the bear stole the whole garbage can from the back door.  He really dragged it a distance, because we've been all over the bush and can't see any signs of it.  Which is too bad because it had the good raccoon strap on it and a bungy cord.  Last week we found the composter tore apart.   

With my supplies packed up and moved all over the basement, I was able to find enough to make two cards last week.  On the weekend I had to go to a birthday party for family members, one was 65 and the other 80.  This is one of the cards.  This stamp reminds me of our little geckos.  Although they are not purple. 

These will be my last cards till my new area is done.  I thought it was a mess before.  I came home from work yesterday to find what was left in my corner moved to the opposite side of the room in front of what was already there.  So the tote with all my paper is definitely unaccesible now.  I do have a couple of crochet projects I will share when they are completed.  I don't crochet much (more of a knitter) so it is slow going.  I can't figure out the instructions for a corner so had to put it away for awhile.  Usually I can figure it out when I go back to it.  Lets hope so because it's the last round.

having a heat wave here for a couple days, so stay cool

dee ;o)