Tuesday, November 25, 2014

With Deepest Sympathy

Good evening friends.  Wow what a week I've had.  Last week was crazy.  The kids had three snow days and a PA Day. Monday was the only day they went to school.  Thursday my son woke up with a couple blisters on his body.  A trip to the doctor, with him saying he didn't know what it was.  "Call me tomorrow" he says.  My diagnosis of chicken pox was confirmed Friday morning, when he awoke with many more spots.  Poor guy is covered from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. 
This page in my art journal shows two picks I was practicing on.  The top one I borrowed liquid mask that hubbie uses for modeling.  As you can see there is no snow flakes showing.  I couldn't get it to rub off after inking.  After a trip to the arts store, for the purchase of my own liquid mask, the second picture turned out better.  I just have to control the splatter, it looks like snowballs.
Here is the card I created. With everything else happening last week, we also had a funeral to attend on Friday.  A family member passed from cancer.  The service was so lovely, with all three of his sons getting up to talk.  He was such a kind, caring man.  He will be missed by many. 
My marathon of Christmas card making is almost over.  This Saturday is the Craft Sale I've been working so hard for. 
happy crafting
dee ;o) 

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