Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Did Something Crafty

Good morning everyone.  I have finally found the time to sit at my craft table and clear and organize it.  I managed to do something crafty at it too after my hard work.  Although it is from a kit.  I have one more card to make from the first month of my Basic Grey Card Kit.  I will be picking up the third package this week, so I had better get moving on these.

I can't believe that the kids summer vacation is half over.  We haven't done much so far this summer.  Although Sam and I have got her room painted.  Touch ups on it today where the taped peeled the paint off and then it's furniture shopping.  A few trips to the beach with the little guy.  And some relaxing time in the back yard.  I'm really enjoying reading outside in the peaceful surroundings.

Well off to through another load in the washer.  It's bedding day.  Unfortunately the weather is not co-operating today to hang it out on the line.

keep smiling

dee ;o) 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beautiful Day

Evening everyone. This is our little piece of paridice. Today I enjoyed it quit a bit. We are on our fourth day of heat in the very high thirties. This little space in the back yard always has a breeze blowing through, so it was ideal in the heat today. I did a lot of reading there today. 

Tomorrow is back to work. Hoping for some rain to break the heat. It's pretty bad at work especially if you're doing the cooking. The blast of heat every time you open the oven door. But at least it's a short day. Then off to the doctors with the little guy to have his shoulder checked again. Hoping there has been some healing this time. 

stay cool

dee ;o)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Lil Piggies

It all started at Easter. My daughter had a male guinea pig that is the sweetest cuddliest little thing. Hubbie showed interest in him, talking to him and feeding him treats. Just before Easter I was in the pet store and saw a cute little red and white guinea pig, with rosettes all over it. A male is what they told me it was. So I brought him home and put him in the cage with Kaz. They got along great. Then Jo started getting fatter, and fatter. They were then separated into their cage. Jo turned out to be a girl. Three weeks ago Jo had her babies. Four with three surviving. They are the cutest little things. The little guy has already picked his out, so I guess we're keeping one. Tonight we all sat on the floor and took all the babies and momma out to play. It was fun watching them run around, whistling.
The next adventure with them is a trip to the vets on Monday.

happy pets

dee ;o)