Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Butterfly, Butterfly, Fly Away

Afternoon all.  Here we are the week before the kiddies go back to school.  I can't believe the summer is almost over.  We have had so much rain, it's been a disappointing summer.  Now the rush is on this week to get haircuts and back to school shopping done.  Yesterday my son and I went to town to get all his school supplies and new pants.  Since he  has taken a big growth spirt this summer his pants were up past his ankles. 
The three butterflies on my card today match the three we released this morning.  We have one more of our Monarchs to hatch and then we are finished for the season.  I have had this stamp for some time now. (you know the ones you like in the store, then get them home and don't know what to do with them)  It works perfect for this.  I'm very happy how it turned out. 
till next time
dee ;o)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Me & My Little Unitmat

 Wow, two weeks has gone by so quickly.  Back to work today.  Getting up at 5:30 this morning was agony, after no alarms for the past couple weeks.  A few days ago when we had a down day from house reno's I was able to pull out my little unimat saw.  I have had it for several years and barely used it.  It is so small and easy to use compared to a full size scroll saw.  Even had to change the blade, soo easy to do. 
I even managed to take the saw apart and assemble it into a sander.  And then back again.   
Here are all the wood pieces I cut.  Next step is to paint each one. Looking forward to it, as it's been some time since I've sat down and really painted.  Two of these are new shapes that I haven't done before.  So I think they will be done first. 
happy painting
dee ;o)  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Miss U

Good evening everyone.  We had another down day today, rained all day.  I dragged my unimat saw out and had a day of woodworking.  But that is for tomorrows post.  Last night I put together a card with one of the images I cut with the Silhouette yesterday. 
 I used Distressed Ink on an acrylic stamp block and spritzed with water then smooshed onto watercolor paper.  The edges were distressed and the image glued on, the flowers being put on with pop dots.  This card already has a home.  I made it special for my aunt.  She is my go to mamma whenever I need something.  And at the end of the month she is moving 2 hours away.  Boy will I miss her. 
I even managed to squeeze in a challenge.  Mojo Monday 358.

happy crafting
dee ;o)


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Evening everyone.  I was so shocked when I heard the news last night about Robin Williams.  So sad.  I remember as a kid watching Mork and Mindy.  Since then he has done some amazing work.  RIP Robin.
We have had a rain day today.  Rain most of the night, and cloudy threatening for rain all, put our  plans of when they require outside.  When I noticed hubbie in his workroom tinkering on an RC car I jumped at the opportunity to dig through my totes and find my Silhouette.  I cut out three balloons and "Celebrate" for my next art journal page. 
For this one I started with covering the background with panpastels.  I then stamped randomly with a script stamp and versamark, and went over that with the panpastel again.  The hearts in the corner are a stencil and gesso.  (a new technique for me) The balloons and Celebrate are cut on my Silhouette (which I would like to learn how to use better).  Twine was glued on for the strings, and the 19 I colored with a marker and didn't think it popped enough so I added golden yellow glitter. 
Off to make some cards.  I did a bit of extra cutting before I had to pack my machine away again.
till next time
dee ;o)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

First Attempt at Art Journaling

Good afternoon all.  Actually this is my second attempt but I won't scare you with the first.  It didn't turn out so well. 
Here I am, once again enjoying some quiet time on the deck with my laptop.  One week down on my holidays and only six days remaining.  The first week has been productive.  Some house construction, (my work area) and relaxing well balanced.  This year we're not killing ourselves to get lots done.  The stud walls are complete and the wiring is done.  Next step is insulation and drywall. 
Back to my piece.  I see all the wonderful work being done on art journal pages and just love the look of it.  So I went out and purchases a book, and thought I could use it to try out new techniques that I'm seeing.  This one started out as a napkin.  I used a gel medium to stick it to the page.  (Must work on not letting the medium show from under the napkin.  Although it look cool as a boarder.) I then dulled down the color by painting cover it with Gesso.  A little doodle around it to give it a bit of a frame.  I then stamped butterflies up the one side. Although they didn't show up too good, and the caterpillars along the bottom.  The caterpillars represent all the monarch's we have been collecting this month.  So far we have released four butterflies.  The milk weeds are dwindling around our area. We collect the caterpillars from around yard and down the side of the road.  We keep them fed, and then release them once they have done their change. 

happy crafting

dee ;o)