Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another teacher card

Afternoon everyone.  Two days left of school.  This morning I arrived at the school for an assembly at nine, only to find out DD had the wrong time.  So back home and another trip in at eleven.  Two of the classes sang Waving Flag accompanied by the xylophones.  They did a great job.  Tomorrow I will be back there enjoying the last day with the kids. 

Here is the last card I had to make for the little guys EA.  She is so wonderful with him.  He has come so far from when he started kindergarten.  Way to go Litte Man. 

Happy crafting ;o)

Friday, June 25, 2010

365 Cards

Hello everyone.  I have managed to make two cards though they are the same, but different colors.  These will be for the kids teachers.  I have one more to make for the little guys EA.   Three more days of school.

This card is for 365 Cards-Day 112-Super Sketchy Sunday.

Here is the sketch.

Monday I enjoyed a delicious lunch put on by the teachers, to thank all the parents that help out around the school during the year.  Tuesday was to be Sam's class trip but it was rained out.  Thursday started out rainy but was clear by the time we left for the park. 
This is Sam (in the blue) and her best friend.  The walkway is 15 feet up in the trees.  What an enjoyable afternoon the class had.  They also went on the Big Zip Line the runs over the paddle boat pond. 

Enjoy your weekend. 

Happy Crafting ;o) 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

School trip cancelled

This morning it just poured rain.  Today was to be my daughters class trip Tree Top Trecking.  There was a very disappointed grade five class.  They were all lined up at the door to go and it was called off because they were calling for thunder storms this afternoon.  It wasn't really were I wanted to be, way up in the trees in the pouring rain.  But we will try again on Thursday.

Last Thursday I went with the little guys class to Heritage Village.  They had a ball.  They started out washing clothes in a tub of water and wringing it out in rollers.  They carded sheep wool.  Looked through the museum.  Bent metal in the blacksmith shop.  Made biscuits, and candles.  And played on stilts, and tried rollling a barrel ring with a stick.  And lastly they went to a pioneer school.  All the kids had a great day.

Here is the real reason for this post.  The card packs that I made for the kids teachers.  Jennifer McGuire made sets like this and I thought they were so cute.

Happy crafting ;o)  

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Project 12 May

This layout has been sitting on the shelf for a while.  As soon as the sketch for May came out my flowers were blooming and I knew I wanted to put them in the layout.  But then I still wanted to do our monthly activities as well, so I've held off with this one till I had completed the next one. 
By the way, the grey blob in the 3x3 pic is a tree frog that had been haning around the backyard.  He's actually sitting on a shelf about 3 feet off the ground.  At first we thought it was a rock the little guy had put up on the shelf.

Here is my second layout.  I should have stuck with the first one.  After I had all the flowers glued on, I noticed they are in the wrong spot.  Then when I was taking the picture I noticed I had placed the pictures in the wrong spot and that is why the flowers were dropped down.  But still looks great.
It's so nice to live in the country and have wild things around the house.  We have two wild hares that are often out in the yard.  The 3x3 pic here is a robin nest that just happens to be under the deck.  Mrs Robin layed four eggs and all four have hatched.  I crawled under the deck the other night and they are getting quit big, you could see two little beaks sticking over the edge of the nest. 

Here is the sketch for the month of May.  You can check out Junes sketch at Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine.

Happy Crafting ;o)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Class project

Here is the mess of my dining room table.  Twenty-four cards for Father's Day.  Sam had wanted me to go into her class to make a Father's Day cards with the class.  I just don't have the time and left it too late, so the last three nights we have been cutting and glueing to make kits for the kids to put together.  I cut all the paper, had Sam stamp while I heat embossed the stars.  The biggest part was making the medalions.  They took longer than I expected.  I put a magnet on the back so it can be taken off the card and used as a frigde magnet.    I left the front off the medalion, so the kids could write what they wanted on it.  This morning she was off to school with her bag of parts.  Good luck to her and the class.

Here is what the end product should look like.  I got the card from Hero Arts.  They have great ideas.  And Jennifer McGuire had a great gift set for teachers, which I'm card lifting to make for the kids teachers. 

Happy Crafting ;o)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a couple cards

Evening everyone.  I had started out this morning to post my cards, but got side tracked by the little pop up from blogger on the new page designs.  I started messing around and next thing it was time to go to work. 
I downloaded the desings for these cards from Crafty Computer Paper.  Good for the car buff dad. 
Hope everyone has a good weekend.  They are calling for rain, but lets hope they're wrong. 

Happy Crafting ;o) 

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Afernoon everyone.  It's been a cool week.  We've already turned the heat off for the summer because it had been so warm.  Now we're wishing it was on.  The downstairs is really cool, and thats were my craft stash is.  In the evenings it's a little chilly to work.  But hey it has to warm up soon. 
Last night I was able to put together this card.  The sentiment was downloaded free from Sentimental Sundays, and the card qualifies for thier challenge #6 New or Neglected Stash.  My flowers are my neglected stash.  I had to blow the dust off them to use.

The sketch is from 365 Cards-Day 98-Super Sketchy Sunday.

Off to make dinner, it's the last night of swimming.  We're now down to two activities.  And school trips and luncheons start next week.

Happy Crafting ;o)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lost those creative juices

I've had a hard time lately not only with time to card make but the motivation.  Last night I managed to create two cards.  Although one was a real struggle.  After change numerous parts of it, I still not sure I like it.  But DH thinks its OK.
This one I made as a Fathers Day card, since its creeping up fast.  It follows Card Patterns Sketch 67.  It also is for Cupcake Craft Challenges #94-Dazzle Us-to use something sparkly on your project.  I uses a green gem on the dragonfly head and pearls by the grasses.

I liked this sketch so much I made two cards with it.  This one is for: 
Card Patterns Sketch 67
Cute Card Thursday Challenge #115-A color combo-black, blue, orange
Caardvarks June Challenge-wet or dry embossing
Cupcake Craft Challenges #94-Dazzle Us-use something sparkly on your project.

Here is the sketch from Card Patterns

Happy crafting ;o)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One day late

Morning everyone.  Well it's better late than never.  I had spent some quiet time yesterday morning making my card.  Then just before lunch I got a call from work to start early.  It left me no time to post.  So here I am quickly before heading off this morning. 

I managed to do three challenges in one card. 
Crafty Card Makers-Challenge #22-Least & Most
Use your fav color (green) and least fav (brown) color together.
Cute Card Thursday-Challenge #13-No designer paper
365 Cards-Super Sketchy Sunday

Here is Pam's sketch.

Happy crafting ;o)