Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Here We Go Again

Evening everyone. I have a get well card to share today. I'm posting it to myself. Almost 25 years ago, just after I met hubbie. I had TMJ surgery. One day I sneezed and the little piece of cartledge in the jaw fell out of place. After many months of not being able to open my mouth far, do anything that involved using the facial muscle, or eat anything other than mush. I had surgery to stitch that little piece of cartledge back into place. Things have been great. Until about a month ago. Home from work for dinner, enjoying a Big Mac with hubbie. Two bites to go, and crack. Oh that really hurt. And here we go again.

Today I had an appoint with a TMJ specialist. Damage can be seen in the xray, but to what extent he is unsure. So to start he gave me medrol, a steriod to help with the pain. And cyclobenzaprine to take at night to relax the muscle. I have to get more movement in order to have a new night guard molded. After that he will evaluate again for surgery. Which will mean a long wait for an MRI appointment so the surgen can see if there is enough cartledge left to repair. Here's hoping.

Enough of that. Lets get to the card.

This is the second attempt at these cards. I had to trash the first ones. After making some mistakes and learning the properties of some of my markers and inks, these two turned out pretty good. I embossed the images with black embossing powder, then colored them in with prisma color pencils. A little inking around the edges and done. Very simple.

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy Retirement

Evening all. Here we are at the start of another busy weekend in Muskoka. The traffic is heavy on the highway, as well as at work. It was a crazy day. Glad I was done early afternoon. Monday will be our Human Resource Associates last day. She is retiring. Marilyn will be missed by alot of us. She is the glue that holds our store together. Who ever replaces her has some big shoes to step into. I can only think of one person that can do it. We will find out next week.

So the last couple nights I have been working on a special card. I quite like how the white pencil crayon looks on the black card. I found a textured card in my stash and thought it could be used for the same technique.

I am really happy how it turned out. Texture and all. I also used a new stamp from Stampendous. I found I didn't have any larger flowers that could be easily coloured. I couldn't find the right sentiment to add to the front, so I just wrote a sweet note inside.

Till next time.

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Pencil Crayon Storage

Afternoon all. I have the day off, and am really enjoying it. I started off with a few loads of laundry washed and hung on the line. Met my girlfriend for coffee. Picked my daugher up from work at noon. Both kids are home with me today, with a couple extras thrown in. It's so nice that my daughters friends get along with my son as well. They are all upstairs playing video games. And I get to enjoy the quiet in my crafting area.

Yesterday the first of my purchases from Wish arrived. A case to hold my set of prisma color pencils. I spent lastnight transfering them over.

Can't wait to use them. I like that they are all layed out where you can see them, rather than sorting through the layers in the tin.

Todays mail had the black case. Slightly smaller.

I organized all my TomBow markers in it out of a clear plastic stackable container.

Well it looks like I must finally clear my desk to make room for scrapbook layouts. Hubbie asked today if I'd gone through the boxes of kids school work. I think the easiest way to do that is to scrapbook what I want as I go.

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Mini Sets

Morning all. We finally have a break from the heat. We have been dealing with a heat wave here in Ontario. 38C feeling like 45C. It has been so hot I try to stay in the house unless I really need to go out. So I have found a few moments this week to play with some mini stamp and die sets I picked up at Michaels a while back. They contain some layering stamps and each has a die to cut one of the images. I have stamped them all and cut an image of each die to go into my sample binders. Cutting out extras to add to cards. That will be the goal for this week. To make a card for each set.

Really looking forward to the treats set. I can see some glitter being used. Well enjoy your weekend.

happy crafting
dee ;o)

Sunday, July 1, 2018

If it's Not Messy Your Not Creating

First up, Happy Canada Day!!!

Second, I came down to my work area this morning to clean it up and make room to lay out scrapbook pages. We are moving on to the next section of basement renos. Which means moving boxes again. Hubbie came across 4 boxes of the kids school stuff. You can imagine his comments. Doesn't think you need to keep everything. So it's time to get all their memories into their books. 

But cleaning didn't get done. I found a new stamp set I had been messing with. So of course that took my attention. The scrapbooking will have to wait another day. 

happy crafting 

dee ;o)

Friday, June 8, 2018

Congrats on your little Nugget

Good evening blogland. Well alot has been going on at work lately. They finally approved to have another full time position for the CSM's. I have been waiting for about a year and half for this position. And after almost a week of keeping it quiet, I am putting it out there. I got the position. Yah!!! Finally full time.

My card today was made for an associate that I work close with.  Our Lead CSM is expecting. It's so exciting watching her belly grow. Remembering the birth of my kids. It has just been a short time since we found out she was leaving on mat leave. Thinking she was 5 months when she announced it at work to only find out a few days later that she was 7 months. So out came my crochet hook to get a sweater done before she left. Today was her last day. Taking two weeks holidays then into mat leave. I am going to miss her for the next year. We work so well together.

Megan has a little farm. Turkeys, chickens, and her baby porkchop the pig that lives in the house with them. So when I thought of making a card for her I pulled out my new set from 'lawn fawn', 'critters on the farm'.

Here is everything, getting ready to start. I actually had a great time making this card. I believe it is the first actual scene card I have made.

And here is the finished card. I had so much fun cutting out the cute little images. I used colored cardstock for most of them, and added extra colors with markers and distress ink.  The sheep I used fabric paint stippled on to give it texture. The pigs collar although very small has porkchops name on it. The card was then signed by alot of the associates at the store. I went in today on my day off when they were giving it to her. What a surprise it was.

happy crafting
dee ;o)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

White Pencil on Black

Morning blog friends. Stopping in for a quick post before heading to work. As I was going through utube videos the other day, trying to get caught up. One technique caught my eye. It was on Sandy Allnock's channel. Coloring with white pencil on black cardstock. Very stunning, and I just had to try it. I was very happy how it turned out.

Hope you give this a try, and go check out Sandy's blog.

happy crafting


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Welcome to your New Home

Hello everyone. I hope everyones week is going fine. After the weekend we had, I am enjoying the grey skies. The whole weekend was either freezing rain or snow. Not just one go round of each but multiple. I can not wait for winter to be over.

The other day I whipped up a 'new home' card before heading into work. A co-worker has just moved into a new apartment. I wanted her to know I was thinking of her on her big moving adventure.

I found the black letters in my stash, and adheared them to my card. The house was stamped right onto the card and colored with prisma color pencils. I used a white gel pen to add to the letters and house, and scattered a few sequins.

She was so touched by the card. Made me feel good to put a smile on her face. We  will have coffee next week, so I can see her new place.

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Two Years In the Making

Happy Easter to all my blog friends out there.  This is a great Easter weekend, although I have to work today. Thursday I drove to the city to pick up my daughter from college. So good to have her home. It has been a hard 7 months with her away at school for the first time. But she has done well and there is only one month to go and she will be back home for the summer.

Well my son is very happy as well. I have finally finished his Mindcraft blanket that I gave to him two Christmases ago in pieces. I told him it was a 'build a blanket' he had to put it together. That didn't go over so well. So after working on it every now and them I have finally completed it. He was so happy yesterday, he sat on the couch all morning watching TV snuggled under his blanky.

And the big reveal.

This is Steve. With over 300 squares it was quite the job. The pattern came from The Loopy Stitch.

It's off to work. Going to be a busy day with the store being closed yesterday and again tomorrow. We gather tomorrow with hubbies side of the family. We only seem to meet up once a year at Easter. Looking forward to it. But not looking forward to dropping Sam back off at school afterwards.

happy Easter to all

dee ;o)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hoping you Perk up Soon

Evening blogland.  I have managed to finish three cards. I've been playing with my new stamp from My Favorite Things. The Pure Innocence Steeped in Love stamp was so much fun to color. I used my prisma pencils and blended with gamsol.

Card #1

I matched her dress to the card base.  Blew the dust off a border punch, and used it on a piece of patterned paper.  Added a few sequins.

Card #2

This one I used the matching die to cut the image in the front of the card.  Placing the card in my Misti I placed the stamp into the cutout area and stamped with black ink, so that the image is stamped on the inside of the card.  The sentiment was stamped directly onto the card front.

 Card #3

The purple pattern paper was embossed with Spellbinders Die D-Lites Create a Flower (which you can't see in the picture).  I added sparkly ribbon that I found at the dollar store, and some dots of liquid pearls.  The card front was added to a white card base.

Next cards in progress are Easter.  Shopping at the Dollar Tree the other day I found some Easter stickers, glitter paper, and glitter ribbon.  These will be used to make cards for our family since I didn't send off the Christmas cards.  I still have the kids school pictures that have to be delivered before they are a year old.

happy crafting

dee ;o)