Sunday, August 10, 2014

First Attempt at Art Journaling

Good afternoon all.  Actually this is my second attempt but I won't scare you with the first.  It didn't turn out so well. 
Here I am, once again enjoying some quiet time on the deck with my laptop.  One week down on my holidays and only six days remaining.  The first week has been productive.  Some house construction, (my work area) and relaxing well balanced.  This year we're not killing ourselves to get lots done.  The stud walls are complete and the wiring is done.  Next step is insulation and drywall. 
Back to my piece.  I see all the wonderful work being done on art journal pages and just love the look of it.  So I went out and purchases a book, and thought I could use it to try out new techniques that I'm seeing.  This one started out as a napkin.  I used a gel medium to stick it to the page.  (Must work on not letting the medium show from under the napkin.  Although it look cool as a boarder.) I then dulled down the color by painting cover it with Gesso.  A little doodle around it to give it a bit of a frame.  I then stamped butterflies up the one side. Although they didn't show up too good, and the caterpillars along the bottom.  The caterpillars represent all the monarch's we have been collecting this month.  So far we have released four butterflies.  The milk weeds are dwindling around our area. We collect the caterpillars from around yard and down the side of the road.  We keep them fed, and then release them once they have done their change. 

happy crafting

dee ;o)

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