Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last day school

This morning was very emotional for me. Today was the last day of school, and the awards assembley at the kids school. My daughter recieved an award called the Evan Luker Award. It is an achievement award given to a boy and girl in grade 4. Evan was a boy that went to their school about 20 years ago and was killed in a car accident. His parents set up the award to be presented every year to a boy and girl in grade 4. The Lukers still go to the school every year to present the students with the award. Its such an honor to have Sam receive this award. Makes us feel like we're doing something right with her. She really loves school and doesn't want summer vacation.

This card is one that I whipped up the other night to go in the card box for Sam's teacher. You can't tell in the picture, but the tulip is alittle shiney. It's painted with a new product I found called glass bead gel. You can add color to it, or as I did just left it and let it dry clear over the stamped image. It tiny glass beads in a gel.

Have a great day

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