Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teachers Gifts

Well here I am again, playing with my blog two days in a row. It's nice to be off two days in a row. Since it's the end of school year and very busy. Today I go to the school for lunch. The teachers put together a big pot luck lunch for all the volunteer parents that help out throughout the year. I always enjoy it.
Tomorrow is the kids end of year class trip. Grant goes to Big Curve Acres and they have asked that volunteers don't go. Which is good, because Sam's trip is the same day. Shes going tree top walking, and they have a zip line there too. I'm going with her. Looking forward to the adventure.
These two notepad covers I made for Grant to give to his teacher and E.A. I found the pattern for it on . They were very simple to make.
Must run now. Have a great day :)

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