Friday, June 8, 2012

Three Cards Complete

OMG!!!  I can't believe how long it's been since I have last posted.  Life just seems to be flying by lately.  House reno's are going slow.  We dive in and get one job done and then slow down and just pick away at it.  Dog is slowly getting better.  I can't believe how long it takes to heal.  She still has her cone of shame on, but hopefully on Monday at her check up we can get rid of that.  It's so big she runs into everything with it.

Hubbies computer broke, and after getting it back from the shop decided he was getting a new one.  His was passed down to the family. Now I have to learn how to do everything all over again on new computer, because our old one was ancient and so different.  Luckily the printers still work on the new one, but the scanner is too old so we'll have to get a new one.  (I use it to scan all my cards)  My other choice is the camera.  Well when I plugged it in the hardware for it didn't download so I'll have to google on how to find it.  So if the pics of my cards aren't too clear today, they were taken on my tablet.

School is winding down.  Track & Field are over. My kids aren't really athletes so they didn't place to move on to Regionals.  But they do enjoy the day, as well as me.  I always help out for the day.  Usually I'm stuck way across the road timing races for the day, but this year I was paired with the grade three teacher. Grade three is when they start track & field so it was really cute watching them.  Wondering when they stopped for snack, and recess.  End of year trips have started.  Right now my daughter is on her way home from Ottawa.  Her grade 7 class has spent three days there touring the Canadian War Museum, Urban Scavenger Hunt, Haunted Walk, tour of the Parliament Buildings, Bank of Canada Currency Museum, Rideau Hall, Canadian Museum of Civilization RCMP Musical Ride Stables, Shopping time at the Byward Market and a mall.  Their days started at 6:15 with a knock on their door and lights out at 10:30. They should sleep all weekend. 

And can you believe it, I have completed three cards.  Revealing one at a time.  I had a special request for wedding cards.  A ski theme, because they met skiing.  Well since I have no stamps to use for this I went on to Silhouette to see what I could find.  Bingo, found the perfect shape.  A pair of goggles.  I can enlarge it and use as the card. Simple I say, I've done this before.  NOT.  Nothing I try to do on the computer is simple.  Me and computers just don't get along.  After spending an hour and half trying to weld the centre line I gave up.  Cut out two shapes, putting a fold quarter inch from top of the back and adhering to the front. 
I turned out not back, and good enough that she bought it.

Enjoy your day, have to go.  My son is home on a PD Day and is waiting for me to do some dancing with him on Just Dance for the Wii.

Happy crafting

dee ;o)

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