Monday, June 18, 2012

No Time to Card

Well I guess I can say morning to everyone.  It's just after midnight and getting a quick post in before I hit the sheets.  Just wanted to share the happenings in my craft room this weekend.  It has turned into school project central.  Both kids have major projects due this week.  Sam has been working for weeks on hers.  They started out months ago designing their dream home.  Plans were made, lots of resourcing on costs of everything from mortgages to contents of the house.  Then the model was made.  The last couple of weeks she has been madely working with dad to build her house out of foam core.  The inside even has to be decorated.  She's not only using my space but I'm watching my paper supply going down, as it's turned into flooring and wall coverings.  Couches have been made from my clay.  One more night to work on it.

The little guys project was started tonight.  Ancient Egypt.  He's decided to do King Tuts Tomb.  So I constructed a pyramid that will open up to reveal the treasures inside.  Meanwhile I had the little guy constructing King Tut for the outside of the pyramid.

Off to bed, 6:30 comes early.

happy crafting

dee ;o)

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