Tuesday, June 22, 2010

School trip cancelled

This morning it just poured rain.  Today was to be my daughters class trip Tree Top Trecking.  There was a very disappointed grade five class.  They were all lined up at the door to go and it was called off because they were calling for thunder storms this afternoon.  It wasn't really were I wanted to be, way up in the trees in the pouring rain.  But we will try again on Thursday.

Last Thursday I went with the little guys class to Heritage Village.  They had a ball.  They started out washing clothes in a tub of water and wringing it out in rollers.  They carded sheep wool.  Looked through the museum.  Bent metal in the blacksmith shop.  Made biscuits, and candles.  And played on stilts, and tried rollling a barrel ring with a stick.  And lastly they went to a pioneer school.  All the kids had a great day.

Here is the real reason for this post.  The card packs that I made for the kids teachers.  Jennifer McGuire made sets like this and I thought they were so cute.

Happy crafting ;o)  

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