Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well I've always admired perganamo cards when I see them in a magazines.  When I recently received a gift certificate from the craft store, I decided to buy some of the tools and try it out.  It's hard to find instructions on how to do it, so this has been a real learning experience.  First I traced it with a white pencil, and after embossing, I read the brief instrustions in the book again and realized I was to trace them with tenta ink.  Well our craft store doesn't stock the ink, only a couple colors and gold is not one.  So I found a gold pen, a little thicker than I wanted. And after I did the perferating and cutting out I used the gold pen (I guess I didn't shake it enough, it changed color part way through) around the embossing and the outline.  Turned out a little bolder than it should be.  To perferate the outside I used a pin, because the store was out of the 2-needle perferator.  I'm not into painting on my cards yet.  I paint wooden christmas ornaments. So I thought gold outline stickers would work well and colored it in with sakura pens.  The snow I sprinkled some glitter dust on the white pen before it dried.  Not bad for a first attempt.

Happy crafting ;o)

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