Sunday, December 1, 2013

Enjoying the Santa Claus Parade

Evening everyone.  Hope you have enjoyed your weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my American blog friends.  I know I'm late, but I took a week off.  Now that it's December I can start decorating.  This weekend we put up the lights on the house.  This week the Christmas tree will go up.  Now that I'm home and have time, the kids have asked that we decorate the whole house.  Usually I'm busy working and only the basement where the tree is gets the decorations.  The upstairs is usually pretty bare. 

Here are a couple tags that I finished last week.  My son is bugging me to make tags. Our family supply is depleted and I have gifts wrapped.  It's killing him that he doesn't know which ones are his. 

Son and I  enjoyed the local Santa Claus Parade today.  It turned out to be a not too bad day.  It's always been just me and the kids at the parade. This year with the daughter in grade nine, she has decided that it's boring and wouldn't join us. 

Off to color her hair.  Blue is the choice of color.  She has dark hair, so we'll see how dark it comes out without bleaching it first.

happy coloring

dee ;o)

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