Friday, June 14, 2013

Baby Piggies

Well it's been a while since my last post. I have been busy with life. No card make has been done in months. I'm getting the itch to sit at my craft table and create.

For the last three days I have been at a camp with my daughters grade 8 class on their end of year trip. There are two grade 7/8 classes at our school, both teachers are male. So females were needed to sleep in the girls dorm. The housing was a two storey building, boys were on the top floor and girls on the main. There were 4 students in each room sharing bunks, shower and toilet. What a great three days the kids had. All getting along so well together, helping each other in all the activities they did.

The first day consisted of candle making,kaiaking, camp fire and astronomy. Day two was packed with activity. Archery, mountain biking, high ropes, capture the flag and movie night. Today was a little layed back with clean up and a few games. Free time for some volley ball. The ecology game where they had a blast.

Big surprise for us when we got home, which if my phone hadn't crapped out on me today I would have known that our guinea pig had her babies last night. She was so big when we left. My daughter says she looks like a table she was so wide. Not fitting in her house. Sometimes caring it on her back like a turtle shell.

It's a funny story with our pigs. My daughter got a male guinea pig. Hubbie liked it so we went and got him one. When we got Jo we were told it was a male. So he was brought home and put in the cage with Caz. I raised pigs when I was younger, so on further inspection after we had him a while I discovered that Jo was a she not a he. So she got her own cage. She grew fatter and fatter. Huge would be the word. Well, through the night she had her babies. Having four but only three survived. Pretty good for being so young and a first litter. They are so cute. And not even 24 hours old and they are eating lettuce.

happy weekend

dee ;o)

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