Friday, June 28, 2013

happy graduate

Good afternoon everyone.  Well it's official.  My baby girl is a grade 8 graduate.  Seems like yesterday I was putting a small little girl onto the big school bus.  Where does the time go?  Well Tuesday was a long day.  Spending the afternoon at the spa/salon getting my little girl beautiful.  We started with her nails done in a very deep purple.  Then it was a little bit of make up.  (boy does she look grown up)  Then it was next door to the salon for her hair.  Lianne knows exactly what she likes, and did a great job on her hair.  There was so much hair spray it must have added 1/2 lb to her.  Her dress was ordered from the UK.  Since we couldn't find one she liked on our shopping excurtion.  Since she doesn't wear heels we settled on a pair of black leather flat boots.  With the whole outfit put together she was a stunner.  I can't believe how much she has grown up in the last year.
Introducing the Macaulay Graduating Class of 2013.
happy Canada Day/4 of July to everyone
dee ;o)

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