Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thinking of you

Morning everyone out there in blog land.  Hope you are haveing nice sunny skies where you are.  Here, dull, dreary, looks like rain.  Of course it's my day off. 

I've been sitting on this card for over a week.  Trying to find time to post it.  A few weeks ago my sister-in-law broke her leg.  She has MS so her bones are getting so brittle.  I made this card for her, and surprise surprise it's still sitting on my table waiting for the mail.  I am so bad at sending cards.  My Christmas cards are sitting on my craft table.  All written out with the kids school pic in it.  They are even addressed.  Now I have Sam's graduation pictures, so I think I'll open up the Christmas cards and save them for next year.  Make up some nice spring/summer cards and get them out of here. 

This card was so quick to make.  I just went into my stash of shapes, and found the vase and flowers already cut.  The background is distress ink on a stamp block and spritzed with water, stamping onto watercolor paper.  I then layered onto a card base.

Gotta  go.  Have my weekly physio for my foot.  If I'm home and not on it all day it feels not bad.  But working and being on my feet all day.  It brings me to tears.  They better figure this out soon.

Keep smiling

dee ;o)

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