Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grade 6 Curling

I still have no cards to show.  My craft space is still upside down.  Although DH moved it all to the other side of the basement the other night, I just have to organize a bit and I'll be back in business. 
This morning I spent at the curling club.  The last day of Sam's gr 6 curling.  Most of the kids have enjoyed the experience.  Today I could not keep warm and spent most of the time in the obsevation room where there was heat. 
Good news on my camera.  The Staples store in town did manage to track one down for me.  From a store 2 hours away, so it will take a couple days to get it here.  Hurray, a new toy to play with.
Sam with her bf. 

Happy crafting ;o)

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