Sunday, February 20, 2011

Polyphemus Moth

Not the best pic, but I couldn't open the contain too far, for fear it would fly.  In the early fall the kids found a big ugly green caterpillar.  Like kids do they put it in a bug container to inpect it.  The following day it had gone into cacoon.  Expecting it to hatch shortly we put it on a table to wait.  You could hear it russelling around in it's little bed, every now and then.  And surprise yesterday, Feb 19 there was a moth flapping in the container.  Silly thing, it's not like we can let it go outside, it's snowing out there.

Tomorrow is a Family Day.  Everything is closed, to spend well needed family time.  We're planning on relaxing and watching movies all day.  So happy Family Day to everyone.


I was able to get a better pic today.

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