Sunday, March 14, 2010

Card Set

Evening everyone.  Today was my first day of my holidays.  March Break has officially started. 
Wednesday I was at school to see Sam in the semi finals of Battle of the Books.  First three classes did a musical presention.  Sams class did a song on the xylophones and drums.  It was quit good.  In her battle though they lost 6-4.  They gave it their best try.  They are more experienced for next year.  Grant is looking forward to being in it next year. 
I made a card like this a couple weeks ago and liked it so much I decided to make a gift set.  I made the box with a peek hole to see the cards.  Four card with matching envelopes.  I had a problem with the envelopes.  I didn't have my measurements right and the flap was too short to overlap, and you wouldn't be able to seal it.  Noticed when I cut the first one out, forgot for the second, then changed the measurement on one  sketch.  But when I was following the sketch on how to cut it out of the 12x12 sheet I'd forgotten to change that measurement.  So now I have three envelopes wrong, and decided I only have one left so no use replacements and cut out the fourth.  Then I just added a small strip so the flap had something to seal to.  Not bad for a first attempt. 

Happy crafting ;o) 

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