Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday

My dear little one went off to school yesterday and I was able to go to work.  To find out that DH went home sick.  Today is my day off (like I need another one this week) and I was hoping work would call me.  Although it seems if someone calls in management won't let them be replaced.  It makes for long line ups at the check outs and grumpy customers.  But oh well that's how it goes.  Just onother day to card make.  DH is bed he can't bother me. 
I stopped into the local craft store last night while I was waiting for my daughter at violin.  I wanted to check out their co ordinations paper.  On Cuttlebug Challenges their video on Fri Oct. 23 was how to make bows from a 12x12 sheet.  It was quit interesting you should check it out.  Anyway they had just gotten a new shipment of 3D packages in.  There was the some really cute ones.  I just couldn't walk away and leave them there.  I also picked up a couple of new outline stickers.

My son has a birthday party Friday night.  A costume party at the bowling asle.  How fun.  His favorite stamp to be used on cards is the truck from SU.  (Although any vehicle he loves.)  I bought the accessory pack to go with the truck about a month ago and haddened used it yet, so this was the perfect time to try it out.  I followed the card in the catalogue because it used most of the stamps.  He even told me what colors everything had to be.  Here it is. 

Enjoy your day ;0)

I hope you have sunshine where you are, it's another grey day here.

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