Monday, July 27, 2009

Thinking of You

Here is a get well card I made the same time I did the sympathy card for 365 cards challenge. Randy needed it for someone from his office who had surgury.
Well rain again. I plan on doing nothing today (but laundry) and card making although I'm running out of time the afternoon has already started. The day will be over before I know it.
Yesterday was a very long day. Randy had an RC Car Race in Whitby. It was up at 5.00am to leave the house by 6.00am. A two hour drive, and standing around in a parking lot all day watching grown men race cars around a track. Actually it was a lot of fun, even the kids had a good day. But it was 9.15pm before we were back home. So today everyone is very tired.
Hope to post later tonight with a new card
Have a great day :0)

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