Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home at last

Well its been a week since we arrived home from England. What a great trip. The wedding was beautiful. We had to pack alot of site seeing into six days. It started out we were 3 hours late leaving the airport. There had been a problem with a passenger when the plane was leaving London. Then on our way home, we were late getting to the airport and didn't have seats together. Just as we arrived at the gate for bording, an anouncement came on that there were two seats in first class. We jumped right on those. So a small fee we were able to sit together . I never want to fly coach again. What a difference.

I finally got making some cards last night. I think I was going through withdrawl. I really like these pyramid cards. I found this one and printed it from . It even had the background paper.

Must go to make kids some dinner. They seem to think they need a steady supply of food.

Have a great day :0)


Fran, said...

Welcome home!

Bobbi said...

hope your vacation was fun,
great card