Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rainy Day

It's a blue rainy day. The only good thing the rain will take away the snow. It's Sunday, a relaxing day of house work, laundry, drywalling the bathroom(still), and driving my daughter to her friends.
I saw this card in a Stampin' Up idea book. This is my favorite stamp to use for male cards. You can leave it uncolored, which looks great too.
I have to get busy doing invitations for the kids birthday party. Just haven't felt like card making this week. I've been reading Harry Potter. I have to keep on the books my daughter is reading. Just to make sure they are appropriate for her. When I went away I watched a movie on the plane. She had gotten the book from the school library. It became clear to me that they don't watch what books the kids are taking out, and making sure they are age appropriate.
Bye for now have a great rainy day

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