Saturday, March 31, 2018

Two Years In the Making

Happy Easter to all my blog friends out there.  This is a great Easter weekend, although I have to work today. Thursday I drove to the city to pick up my daughter from college. So good to have her home. It has been a hard 7 months with her away at school for the first time. But she has done well and there is only one month to go and she will be back home for the summer.

Well my son is very happy as well. I have finally finished his Mindcraft blanket that I gave to him two Christmases ago in pieces. I told him it was a 'build a blanket' he had to put it together. That didn't go over so well. So after working on it every now and them I have finally completed it. He was so happy yesterday, he sat on the couch all morning watching TV snuggled under his blanky.

And the big reveal.

This is Steve. With over 300 squares it was quite the job. The pattern came from The Loopy Stitch.

It's off to work. Going to be a busy day with the store being closed yesterday and again tomorrow. We gather tomorrow with hubbies side of the family. We only seem to meet up once a year at Easter. Looking forward to it. But not looking forward to dropping Sam back off at school afterwards.

happy Easter to all

dee ;o)

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