Friday, April 12, 2013

What a Week

Well, what a week it's been. The trip to Yearly last Thursday Friday was amazing. Two days of outdoor activities. All the walking in the soft snow was a killer on my soar foot though. But I survived. To come home and work right through till Wednesday. Thinking it would be a quiet day at home. Huh, think again. A new patch for Star Wars was released Tuesday, so hubbie stayed home from work to play along with Sam. Hubbie said she had a family engagement. (father daughter bonding). Grant and I lazed around all day with a cold. How I hate being sick.

I moved to a different department at work this week too. Really enjoying it. Although more walking is hard on my foot. Today I had an appointment at the physiotherapist. All of his tests lead to a bad strain. How it happened is beyond me. My arch seems to be dropping down too, and that could be causing the pain. He did tape it to lift the arch and it seems to help. We'll see when I go to work tomorrow.

I have managed to make three cards from my Basic Grey card kit. It's different not using stamps on a card.

happy weekend


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