Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snowglobes & Snowman

Evening everyone.  What a day we had.  Snow storm this moring and bright sunny skies this afternoon.  It was a very slow drive to work.  Good thing, the trees look so beautiful with the snow hanging off them.
My card tonight is of a cute snowman in a snowglobe.  The image is an outline sticker.  This is the first time I have added pieced paper to the outline sticker.  Using tracing paper you trace around the shape you want, cut it out on cardstock and stck it to the back of the sticker.  So cool.

Mojo Monday-#217

And the sketch.

happy shoveling

dee ;o)


1 comment:

Sandy O said...

Snow, yeah...glad I don't have to drive to work, lol I like staying at home and admiring the pretty trees. Funny that my favorite are the beautiful snow and ice covered trees that cause power outages! Not the outages, but the trees look so pretty that way.

I LOVE this card. The outline stickers are fabulous. I have never used pattern paper with them either, or colored them in. You really inspired me to try doing it as yours came out so perfect! Thank you.

Only wish I had some Christmas ones, lol. I will have to wait until all my christmas cards are made, then I can give this a go.