Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Schools back

Well we've made it through two days of school with no problems.  Everyone seems to like thier new teachers.  Sam lucked out and has two teachers sharing one of two 7/8 splits.  Grant is in a 5/6.  Worried all summer that he wouldn't get his EA assistance, but thankfully so far their is one in the class for two periods in the morning.  It's just not the one that he's had all along.

My beef for today.  The kids need two pairs of shoes for school.  One indoor, one outdoor.  Grant had a pair of perfectly good skateboard shoes to be used for outdoor, so we just had to buy him new indoor.  He preferrs the flat skateboard shoes so that is what we got him for his indoor shoes, which also have to be used for gym.  A classroom note comes home today saying that they are not allowed to wear skateboard shoes in the gym.  So it's off to Walmart after supper to get yet another pair of shoes. 

dee ;o)

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