Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Toy

No crafting being done this week.  Just settling in with the kids home.  But had to show off my new toy.  I've been looking at the new tablets.  When DH called yesterday to see if I was serious.  He was at the electronic store and they had just gotten in a new one from ASUS.  Well I'm poor now, because he came home with it for me.  The nice thing about it is it comes with a keyboard, so you can either use it like a little notebook, or pop the tablet off and use it alone. 
Today he was back out to town to get a WIFI connection for the house.  He'll be hooking that up while I'm at work today.  I'm off tomorrow and can play all day while he's off racing his little cars.

Enjoy the weekend.

dee ;o)

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Sandy O said...

Oh how fun! Congrats on your new toy :o)