Monday, January 31, 2011

A Lazy Day

Well here we are starting the week on a cold note.  -28 when I rolled out of bed.  Kind of slows the body down, and makes you feel like a lazy day.  Just stay in to keep warm.  My little guy was very upset when I left him at school this morning.  This has been the second Monday in row that his class was to go to the KOA skiing, and it was cancelled because of the cold.  This week was worse, because I was going with him. 

I just wanted to show you this ramdon card I made last night.  I found the pattern of Skor Pal a while ago.  It was actually very simple to make. 

This is what it looks like stretched out.  Only problem, I have to make an envelope for it.  When all folded it measures 4x4.

Keep warm
happy crafting ;o)

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