Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to DH

Just home from work, and filling the time till we head out for dinner.  It's dinner out tonight as DH is celebrating his birthday today. 
One day to spare on the project 12 deadline.  I didn't think I would get finished on time.  This month was all about me.  Usually I'm the one taking the pics and there aren't many of me.  So November is my birthday month, and the day of my birthday I decided to document it.  It's not pretty,  I lead a rather boring life, but it's all about me. 
I had alot of pics to use, so the journaling is hidden under the pics on the right.  You just pull on the 3 birthday cakes that are there, and it slides out.  I love my cuttlebug and die cuts.  Had alot of fun with one, using a birthday die cut I recently picked up.  Love the cool cake in the bottom right. 
I started my day with a cup of tea my daughter so kindly made for me.  Housework doesn't stop just because it's your birthday, so laundry had to be done.  I got money to go clothes shopping, so Sam and I went to town to Mark Work Warehouse.  (love that store) I was after pants, but she picked out a nice top for me, and she liked it so well we got her one to match.  While we were in town, the Craft Nook was having a demo day for the Silhouette.  (great machine, gotta have one)  When we got home Randy was hanging the new screen door, which has sat in the porch all summer.  (He waits till the coldest day to hang it) We had Chinese out, which the kids love.  After dinner it was back home for cake, which Sam made for me.  After the kids were in bed it was out to the hot tub. (sorry no pic, forgot to take the camera out)
Happy crafting ;o)

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Tracey said...

Oh my what a packed day...I'm exhausted just reading it LOL! Fantastic LO Dee!!