Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Winter

Good evening bloggers.  It's been a long day, I'm ready to crash.  Started out volunteering at the school for most of the morning.  Off to work for the afternoon.  Home to get the kids from school, give them a snack and off to violin with Sam.  Dropped her off and headed back to the school with the little guy for parent teacher interview.  Home to have dinner (soup that DH heated, and sandwiches I made while kids snacked earlier) Time to get kids in bed and I have a spot on the couch with my name on it.
I love this tree.  I learned how to make it from Jen McGuire.  She has a series of how to videos that are awesome.  The tree is made of sticky back canvas, ripped into strips, twisted, and stuck onto a shape with double sided tape.  You then rub distress inks on to color it, add embelishments.  The clouds are from her next set of videos,  Perfect Pearls mixed with water and painted on. 
Hope you enjoy.

Happy crafting ;o)   

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