Monday, August 2, 2010

Just messing around

Another long weeking is at an end, only one more to go and the little ones are back at school.  I can't believe summer is half over.  I've been done early afternoons the last couple of days, so have had some family time.  Yesterday was an nice day out.  DH got the kids new RC cars, so they sat out on the patio and he helped them start to build them.  I took out some card stuff and joined them.  It was a great afternoon.  Next week I'm on holidays for two weeks. 

Last weekend I did a bunch of stamping for cards that I've made in the past and sold.  Some of my favs I'm remaking.  So thats what I've been working on. 

This card I saw on Hero Arts.  Thought it was very pretty.  I switched up the colors from there's.

Happy crafting ;o)

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