Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kids Valentine's

This week I have been working on the kids valentine's.  I made three of the little storeage boxes filled with candies for the teachers.  I saw these on Cuttlebug Challenges.  Sam's valentine's have the elephants on them, there are 22.  Grant's have all sorts of vehicles, and there are 19.  We filled little bags with heart candies and attached to each.
DH is away at model club tonight, so it's a quiet nite.  Kids are in bed, I think I'll sit down with my knitting and watch some CSI. 

Happy crafting ;o) 

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Bobbi said...

I can see you've been busy those are great valentines, the kids will love them.

I love Zelda too, its the game that started me playing video games. I finished The Phantom of the Hour Glass for the DSi and have started Spirit Tracks.