Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all the American bloggers.  Hope your getting you fill of turkey and my fave pumpkin pie. 
Last week I went to a class at our craft store.  We made this cute Countdown to Christmas Box.  Each drawer slides out to reveal a little surprise.  I just finished my box last night, now I have the big job of finding stuff to go inside. 
The kids got their report cards yesterday.  They both did really well.  Sam the usual A's and a couple B's.  She's proud she got her first A+.  Grant blew me away, he's always been B's and C's which is really good for him.  Reading and writting is very hard for him reflecting the C mark, but math and science was an A.  Amazing. 
Trying to get back into making cards.  I've had a little break since been so busy getting ready for the sale last weekend.  I haven't done one challenge this week. 

Happy Crafting ;o)

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