Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby cards

This weekend was really nice. Although it rained all day Saturday. I was home with the family. I did some card making. After supper we went across the road to visit the neibours. It was a very nice evening. They have a son in collage who is home for the summer, and a daughter in high school. Their two took our two downstairs, and that was pretty much the last time we saw them till just after 11 when they wanted to go home. They had such a good time. Although the 188 summersalts Sam did made her neck hurt. And the attatude from a 10 yr old when she doesn't get her sleep. Sunday was a little touchy. But mothers day was nice. Subs for dinner so I didn't have to cook. Not much yard work done, it was quite cool out. Randy did polish the rims on the tires of both cars.
Last week I was asked for a baby card. I only had a couple made up so what a good excuse to make a card. I need more of a variety. This week I have several baby cards to show.
I stamped the bird stamp with my glue pad then put yellow flock on, to add a bit of color to the bird I put a bit of stickles on the flower.
Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day
Happy Monday

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