Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ooops That's Mine

Morning blog peeps.  I hope the sun is shining where you are. Here fall has hit. We are into grey dull days.  Today it looks as if it will rain.  The trees are changing color and starting to fall.

Well with my new work area coming together I just had to order some new supplies to go in it.  Don't tell hubbie. According to him I don't need any more, as I'm having a hard time fitting what I have into my new space.  So while browsing the daily Blitsy email I came across some Deep Red stamps I just had to have.  Now the arrival of my stamps was a bit funny.  When school started we had ordered a t-shirt and sweat shirt for my son on-line.  So when this small package showed up in the mailbox I thought it felt like a t-shirt inside.  When I arrived home with the package I toss it to my son. Next thing he's bringing the package back to me saying "very funny, what do I do with these".  Although I missed the excitement of ripping that package open, the quickened heart rate was still there to excitedly look over my new purchase.

Now to find the time to sit and use these.  Right now we are having a baby boom.  I just have the bonnet to make on the outfit I'm working on now.  Hubbie came home the other day to inform me of three more babies from his office.  Two of them are daughters of one of his coworkers. A couple years ago they had their first chils within a month of each other.  They have done it again.  The other one is a coworker. Along with trying to finish a blanket for my son for Christmas.  

Must scoot for now.  I have a busy day.  The drywall is being finished as we work on each area.  Now that we have started on my computer area, and started fitting in shelving and counter top, it is a little longer than we had first planned.  So there is one drywall seam by the window that needs to be finished.  Taped it yesterday, second mud coat will go today.  Hubbie painted that area, so it's up to me to paint wall behind my new work space.  House needs cleaned, and we have to go to the school tonight for Acheivement night.  This is the third year Samantha has received Honor Roll, but we are so proud of our boy for making Honor Roll for his grade 9 year.  I told him the other day that I knew he could do it, but now I expect it every year now. He just laughed at me.  

bye for now

dee ;o)

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