Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Meet Maxwell

Morning everyone.  As I sat here trying to organize things on my tablet I came across pics of Maxwell that I had taken a few months ago.  He is what occupies my time.  No crafting has gotten done.  With tennis elbow, and a craft area that I just don't feel creative in.  I can't even manage to start organizing my stash.  I think I need the actual space completed to get the feel for it.  That has been talk of working on it again.  Until then, I haves Maxwell.

This is Maxwell.  An Australian Shepherd. He is 11 months, and a very busy boy.  But he gets me out walking when I would normally put it off.  This morning we have already been for walk and played frizbee out in the yard to give him some run time.  I have completed Level 1 & 2 Obedience with him.  And we have two weeks left in Rally for beginners.  Agility was the goal for him, but I'm having fun with the rally.  I've even managed to print off the signs, laminated them, and cut the pots to make a course for the back yard.  

Here he is waiting to try our first course at home.  He did really well.  

Off to get ready for work.  Looking forward to my day off tomorrow.  Hoping sunny skies, no rain.  

keep smilin'
dee ;o)

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