Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dusting Off Old Tools & Graduation

Wow, I've done it again. Don't blink or you have lost a week (or in this case more) . First I was busy with work, doing a ten day stretch to fill in for the full time bookkeeper. I find getting up at five every morning very tiring and don't get much accomplished. Then my son had to do a scrapbook for his grade eight grad. They only gave them just under two weeks to work on it. We managed to finish it one day late. I had to dig to the bottom of a draw to find my handy dandy little tool. It's been so long since I used it I can't remember what it's called or the little grommet gizmos I used it for. When I use them on cards I have a hand held compact unit to use. But his book is finished and he did a great job on it. They were all displayed at his graduation for everyone to have a look at.

Here is my little man.  I'm a very proud momma right now.  Starting school with a speech impairment and not being able to communicate.  Diagnosed with Motor Planning.  It was very frustrating for him, knowning what he wanted to say but not being able to get the information out.  Macaulay Public School was the best place for him.  Being small, under 300 students. It was like a large family.  The teachers and EA's were so wonderful, especially Mrs Ovell.  He had a special bond with her.  Speech therapists helped him to learn to talk.  The early years were hard.  But every year that passed he improved.  Speeking nonstop now.  All along though he has been such a happy carefree child.  So at graduation when his teacher was explaining the student that won the Citizenship Award.  Always smiling, always there for his peers, always has a joke to tell.  I'm thinking the whole time that sounds like my boy.  Then Mr A announced the name.  And yes it was my little man.  What an acheivement.  Now the next hurdle begins.  Off to High School in September.  When I went to high school we had no visits ahead of time.  Already he has been to the high school three times, and they have visited Macaulay once.  They have one more visit the week before school starts.  The Link Club organizes a BBQ, with another tour of the school. At this time the students are given there time table and shown where there locker is.  

Update on craft area.  Since I was off most of last week, I managed to get some drywalling done.  Today I was able to get another coat on.  Should take one more sand then prime the wall.  By the end of the weekend I'm hoping to have my upper cupboard in place (minus the doors).  

happy craftin

dee ;o)

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