Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another Try at Doodling

Morning blogland.  How did life get so busy?  It just seems that I have no time for crafting anymore.  I always seem to be on the go.  When I'm not working it seems that I'm always running the roads.  Errands in town, appointments, running kids around, driving a half hour to pick up crickets.  That's one disadvantage of a small town.  Availability of things.  Now don't get me wrong, I love our town.  It's been a great place to raise our kids.  But when it comes to shopping you usually have to drive a distance to get what you want.  So when I have to drive to get crickets for the geckos, it also includes a trip to the Michaels store for supplies. 

It's so nice to see the sun.  After a day of rain yesterday.  Although that was good for our newly planted flowers.  The last couple weeks we have been purchasing flowers and planting.  We plant in pots.  Even our veggies are done in planters. We use to do a large garden.  But being out in the country, the wild animals usually get to the garden before things are ready to pick.  Bunnies love the little sprouts, and the deer eat everything including our flowers.  The trees have grown so big too, casting shadows on the garden area.  So our back patio in filled with pots.  Last year we did lettuce (which fed the guinea pigs all summer), carrots and radishes.  This year we added beans, peas and beets.  We'll see they do.

The other night while relaxing watching TV, I dusted off my art journal, and did a bit of doodling.  I found a pic of mushroom houses on Pinterest.  Here is my try at them. 

Well, I think I'll go for a walk to try and get my mind working.  My first thought is to go back to bed now that everyone has left the house for the day.  But then nothing would get done.  Let's hope the blackflies aren't too bad. 

happy crafting

dee ;o)

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