Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Family Day

Good evening everyone.  I hope everyone in Canada had a great Family Day.  We spent most of the day lazing around.  The little guy challenged me to a Mario Kart race.  As usual mom doesn't do to well.  But it was fun. 

What a week I had last week.  While out dropping off resumes I ended up with a job.  At Walmart they wouldn't let me leave the store without an interview.  I was hired that day.  Two days later I started training.  I always believe that things happen for a reason.  And that leaving my only job of 19 years was the right thing.  Walmart offered me .20 more than what I would have gotten at Metro.  OK I'm on cash again, but at least I'll be seeing some of the regular customers, as they shop at both stores. 

This round of reno's in the basement are done.  New bathroom put in, new hot water tank, and pressure tank.  The next stage is a storage closet, then on the other side of that wall is my area.  So I think it will be awhile yet before I have total access to my crafting stuff.  Today I organized my digi stamps on the computer.  I have alot more than what I thought. 

Tomorrow is a work day.  Seems strange having to get up and get going in the morning after being home for three months.

happy family day

dee ;o) 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Love is in the Air

Good morning all.  Today is the day.  We will have hot water again.  As I type the drywalling is put on hold, the water is shut off, and the old broken down tank is being removed.  To make room for the brand new tank.  It will be sooooo nice to have a hot shower again. 

Is anyone else able to catch the opening ceramonies of the Olymic Games?  We are not a sports family.  But the kids get very excited during the Olympics.  Sitting down every night to watch.  So exciting.
What an amazing opening.

It's funny how I can go for days without making a card.  But when you can't get at your supplies, you are just itching to make something. I sit down everyday to go through everyone's blog post.  Getting inspiration.  And I can't do anything.  I stood down there last night looking at my area trying to figure out how I could get into it.  But no luck, I might be able to reach my pencil crayons and markers.  Now would be a good time to sit at the computer and fiddle with some digi stamps.  Get more comfie playing with them. 

As promised I will be posting all the valentine cards that I was able to do. 

happy crafting

dee ;o)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Tippie Toes Ballerina

Good evening everyone.   A quick post.  We have a sickness going through the house.  My son started with it last week, and on the weekend my daughter came down with it.  She was off to  school this morning but by lunch I was heading over to pick her up.  Now she's not well enough to do the dishes so mom has to take over.  Me I've been trying to ward it off for a week.  Stuffy nose, scratchy chest, bit of a cough.  It's not going to get me down. 
I have been madly making valentine cards, which I will be sharing with you.  As I am unable to make any new ones for the next few weeks.  Our hot water tank went a week ago.  We decided that since we had to get a plumber in we would make it worthwhile.  And decided to put a bathroom in our basement.  We have talked about it for a while.  So the basement is packed up and stacked in every available space, including my craft area.  But there is a bright spot in all this.  We are that much closer to my new craft space. 

Tonight I will share this cute little ballerina.  She came from All Dressed up Challenge Blog.  Now you can download her free, and use her in their challenge.  Unfortunately, with everything happening around here.  I have missed the challenge I made her for.  But I will try again when I find my supplies again.  Head on over and check them out.   

happy crafting

dee ;o)