Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the Start to a New Adventure

Good morning everyone.  I'm back.  So sorry it has been sooo long since my last post.  So much has been happening.  Once again life has gotten in the way of all the FUN stuff.

First up, I am into my fourth day of being unemployed.  Feeling a little lost, and not knowing quite what to do.  Surprisingly the decision was not that hard to make, especially when I have my hubbies full support. Now I am taking a month to do what I want, before I have to decide what to do next.  I think it's time for a new career, although I'm terrified to return to school at my age if that is where it leads me. 

Enough of that.  Two weeks ago we had the honor of hosting a Japanese student for 8 nights. What an experience for all involved, one that I would do again.  We had a great time with Shuko enough though communication was difficult, her English wasn't that great. But we managed.  I managed to put together a card for her parents just to let them know how things went here in Canada.

This orchid stamp is one of my fav flower stamps.  I colored this one with markers, giving it the vibrant color.  I'm still struggling with markers, so if anyone knows of a good tutorial let me know. 

Yesterday I spent the day at a Christmas Card Class through the local craft store.  I enjoy this class every year, it gets me started on my Christmas cards.  We made 10 cards.  It's always a rush to get finished, but I managed it yesterday.  Although none of the coloring was done, so that a job for today. 

Off to check on the snow.  We had our first snow last night, although it is just a skiff, I'm not ready for the cold.  Tomorrow they are calling for rain.  The poor kids, it's always cold and rainy on Halloween.

keep smiling

dee ;o)  

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