Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcoming Eunice

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I have been so disorganized this Christmas season, that I haven't even sent out my Christmas cards. I know pretty bad. I wouldn't even bother but I send the kids school pics out in them. I did hand deliver two today. We went to visit my mother in-law.
She is in a retirement home so the visits aren't long. We drive the hour and half, take her out for lunch, then over to visit sister in-law that is in another retirement home (she is bed ridden with MS), then back to mom's room for a short visit. She usually sends the kids home with all the candy she's collected from the last visit. Then it's a long drive home. Today was pretty foggy, so not the nicest drive.
I feel like I've spent the weekend in the truck, because yesterday the little guy and I drove to Orillia to get food for his lizard. I was down the week before Christmas to get his worms (he is not eating very much). They had two leopard geckos this trip down, and we came home with one. Not having owned a lizard before, this has been quite the learning experience. With Leroy he is very docile, always hiding in one of his caves, and eating very little. So thinking this is how they all behave we have all been very fascinated in Miss Eunice. She is the total opposite. After letting her settle in a few hours, meet her new roommate, we thought we'd try some food. We were told she had ate already, but the little guy had to feed her. So out came the crickets, they were put in the little baggie to shake them with calcium powder. We then put them in the tank. Holy cow what a show. She loves to eat. After 10 cricket I said that's enough. Well she was up roaming or basking in the heat light most of the night. She certainly is a character.
Well it's back to work tomorrow. Another busy week. All kids activities have started up again. Dance, swimming, badminton. Never a dull moment.

happy crafting

dee ;o)

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