Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Hump Day

Well, here we are the middle of the week.  And I've been jonesin' for my internet.  The is the first time since Sunday I've been on.  We are having overuse issues.  After the last bell bill, once the warning came up that we were paying a premium for usage, all access to the surver stopped.  I think DH even unplugged it so the daughter wasn't sneakin into it( the overuse started when I connected her ipod touch, think she's using it more than she's saying).  Today I got him to connect the old family computer to the old provided that he has been using.  Ahhh, blogland again.  How I've missed you. Only problem, no wi-fi on this connection, so I can't use my tablet. 

Day off today, and after going back to bed for a bit after getting the kids off, I relaxed at the craft table.  I did a bit of paper piecing with this stamp.  I thought these soft pastel flowers were perfect for my bug car.  The green background is from a metal spellbinders embossing sheet.  I layed it on white paper and inked with distress ink overtop.  A cute card for your little sweetie on valentines.

Enjoy the day

dee ;o) 

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