Monday, July 19, 2010

Project 12 June

With one day to spare, I made the deadline.  It's been really hard to find craft time since the kids got out of school.  It's taken be a couple nights to throw my layout together.  I better start working on next month. 
We've had an enjoyable weekend.  I had three days off.  Friday night we camped out at my dad's for his annual birthday party.  They have a huge backyard and have about a dozen campers park there.  Alot of them play guitar and sing till the wee hours of the morning.  It was fun.  Saturday I took the little guy to a skateboard compition to see what you had to do.  So maybe next year he will be trying that out.  And Sunday the whole family went to an Air Show.  My first one.  It was the Battle of Britain, so there were some old war planes.  It was quit interesting, and the kids even had a good time. 
Hope everyone has a great week. 

Here is the sketch for the Project 12 month of June.  You can find this at Scrapbook & Cards TodayMagazine.

Happy crafting ;o)

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Davinie Fiero said...

Dee, the summers are so busy that's easy for crafting to get put on the backburner. I'm so glad that of all the things you could have chosen to do, it was Project 12 that won out. You are going to be glad you did when you peek at your 2010 album, I promise!

Nicely done on your layout again this month! Purple works for you!