Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh the heat

In the winter we complain about the cold, and then when it warms up we complain about the heat.  It has been fabulous.  Someone told me today that our temps here in Muskoka was the same as Hawaii.  We just need the grass skirts, a beach and some cute little drinks. 

This card has taken me months to do.  I think they look so pretty.  But all the cutting on them is murder on my hand.  So I usually have to take a brake from it half way through.

Hoping to get at least one card done this week.  But it's a busy week.  Yesterday I was at the Royal Ontario Museum with my daughters class and then had to work last night.  Friday is the kids Track and Field Day.  I always go to help out.  It's the little guys first time.  And work just seems to get in the way. 

Happy crafting ;o)

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Tracey said...

Oh Dee! This is jaw droppingly stunning!!! Don't forget your sun screen tomorrow at the track and field event lol!